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The red VW Beetle meandered its way through the streets of Hub City, its battered exterior belying its high performance interior. At the wheel was Charles Victor Szasz, better known to the world as Vic Sage, former investigative reporter for the WWB-TV and KBEL television networks. The small car slowed to a halt in a dingy side street of the city’s warehouse district. Vic checked that there was no one around and then exited the car picking up his battered fedora from the passenger’s seat. He turned up the collar of his trench coat trying, futilely, to get some protection from the driving autumn rain and set off in an easterly direction. He wandered a couple of block fiddling with his belt as he went, before ducking into a dark side alley. Unrolling the layer of Pseudoderm he had removed from a hidden compartment in his buckle, he placed the artificial skin over his face and with practised ease activated the buckle’s other hidden switch. A cloud of blue tinted smoke poured from the belt completely concealing Vic and when it cleared in his place stood The Question. In addition to adhering the Psuedoderm mask to his face giving him a completely blank visage, the binary gas had also reacted with chemicals in his clothing and shampoo causing them to change in colour so that they were nearly unrecognisable from those he had been wearing before.


The Question furtively exited the alley and then headed towards his destination warehouse. Reaching the address he tried the door and was unsurprised to find it was locked. Good, he would have been suspicious if it had been that easy. Reaching into one of his coat pockets he pulled out a set of lock picks and began to work on getting the door open as quietly as he could.


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